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Vape Shipping Ban, Online Store Shutdown

Vape Shipping Ban, Online Store Shutdown

On March 27, 2021, Sin City Vapor will unfortunately have to stop selling products online.

As part of the COVID-19 stimulus relief legislation signed into law on December 27, 2020, Congress amended the the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act to include all vaping related products.

The PACT Act imposes additional labeling, delivery, and record keeping rules on vape shops, and backs up these new rules with penalties such as huge fines and even federal prison sentences. The new, huge costs associated with the PACT Act will make online sales unsustainable for our business, so we've made the difficult decision to stop offering online sales temporarily while we find more cost effective means of compliance.

On Saturday, March 27th, we will be taking our web store down temporarily to avoid violating the PACT Act. Please allow extra time for orders placed placed in March to arrive. We highly recommend you stock up while you can, because it may be some time before we can offer online sales again.

We’re as disappointed as you are that these restrictions are now in place, and we sincerely hope you’ll sign up for our mailing list so we can let you know when we return as soon as possible.

In the mean time, you can still get your favorite Sin City Vapor juices in store, at any of our four locations.

Thank you for your support, and remember; don’t smoke, vaporize!

Your Sin City Vapor team


  • Julie A. Aka

    I Love your products and your store in the Rainbow Village. And your greatest assets are the employees at that store!! Sorry about the government’s "Gestapo’ tactics that are interfering with your bottom line! WTF! happened to land of the free? It’s sad that the aholes in DC are always talking but never seem to say much, except " Hey, small business owner, BEND OVER!" smh don’t forget to vote ppl. Sin City Vapor rocks!! 🤘🤘

  • Cheyna O’Malley

    I moved recently and this has been my go to spot for everything, I hope this ban lifts! So I can order online , but till then I will be having to drive two hours to my favorite shop, hopefully I get reach to my email. So sad 😞

  • Jessica

    This ominous “Vape Shipping BAN” That includes “new, huge costs” associated with this PACT Act, and the huge fines and even gasp FEDERAL PRISON SENTENCES?!? that will be imposed if your company violates any of these INSURMOUNTABLE restrictions!! THANK GOD I can still get these products at any of your FOUR locations. Your online store has been shut down since MARCH, and still no solutions?? The one that still exists, is maintained, updated with new products, that potential customers are still able to access, and yet no one at your company has been able to figure out HOW to get around this DISGUSTING PACT Act, and the “additional labeling, delivery and record keeping rules” that are just too costly, so much so that these HUGE FEES renders your online store UNSUSTAINABLE, forcing this difficult decision to take the store down (it still exists) It’s been 8 months of the “temporary” shut down of online sales and yet NO ONE has been able to “find more cost effective means.” In which by doing so, would’ve demonstrate the importance and value you have for your customers, and their needs being top priority. EVERY SINGLE OTHER COMPANY has overcome this, either by not mentioning AT ALL or charging a $3- $5 fee. Also NOT using it as AN EXCUSE to ensure they don’t miss out on ALL profits for THEM, and hiding these selfish reasons behind these disgusting “RESTRICTIONS” that are just too much. I mean, risking FEDERAL PRISON SENTENCES because more paperwork must be filled out and a SMALL tax was added?!?! Oh, no way. How dare they. You know what? I have nothing but the upmost SYMPATHY for your company. And let me just add…that it’s the same amount of sympathy and consideration YOU have for YOUR customers. The damn government, am I right?? What a joke. I mean, to use this as an excuse… Immensely over-exaggerated, lying to hide the real reason.. the small loss in profit disguised as “disappointment” and distain for the government, with their HUGE FEES and threats of PERSECUTION, forcing you to have no other choice but shutting down the online store that is not shut down. Like I said, THANK GOD you have FOUR locations. I am so willing to put the effort into buying from you and supporting your business at any cost, exactly the same effort as you’ve done for your customers. So, was the sarcasm obvious enough for you people? Sorry, sorry, I just HAD to mention that.. to make sure it was clear enough for you people and understood. You know, because of the stupidity you believe your customers to have. When in all actuality, the stupidity is all on your end, for even thinking you could get away with all your BS.

  • Lisa Salazar

    I had a small country convenience store for 22 years. Half my business was in cigarettes, then I loved it when vapes came because I could actually make some decent money. Every year the cig companies took money away. All of these regulations being passed are them. They want the control of the market. They lost a lot of money because they thought it was just a novelty that would go away. By the time they realized it they were too far behind to catch up so this was the only way to get back on top. Put so many regulations that it would take out all the small businesses. It’s working.

  • Vape F. Lord

    So…anyone else who’s been going to SCV since the beginning may have gotten a very (I don’t want to say Libertarian, but) paranoia-adjacent, invisibly-attacked type of vibe from the mgmt. Perhaps it is me who is the conspiracist, but the fact of the matter is that vape products can be and are sold online, provided you pay the necessary costs associated with doing so. Or you don’t, and then you defend it by filing it under “the gub’ment’s out to get us”. There are other shops in Vegas that have all the same devices and in-house liquids with both online and brick & mortar storefronts operating w/o excuse nor issue. But, on a positive note, SCV devices are just under retail, on average, which you can check via Google. You’re welcome.

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