Back in the day, those who smoked had limited options when it came to the taste of the tobacco. But now that we’re in the age of the e-cigarette, those who vape have an almost limitless amount of choices before them.

When you vape, the liquid within the cartridges of your vape cigarette is known as e-liquid. Also known as juice, it’s heated up and transformed into vapor, which you’ll inhale. There are two types of agents that produce vapor.

1. Propylene glycol is the most common agent, and the vast amount of e-liquids are made from PG. You’ll usually get sweeter tasting juices from PG, but it doesn’t produce a large amount of vapor.
2. Vegetable glycerin was developed as an alternative for those who are allergic to PG. The tastes of VG juices tend to be less sweet, but you’ll get more vapor.

All of our bottles will be shipped 30/70 PG/VG.

Remember, we talked about a nearly unlimited amount of choices? That’s no exaggeration since you’ll be able to choose e-liquids based on the strength of the nicotine as well as the flavor itself. With flavor, remember that no liquid will taste exactly like a regular tobacco cigarette since there’s no combustion factoring into the taste. Some of the e-liquid categories available are:

Tobacco- These are flavors such as smooth menthol, Red Oak tobacco, and Fire Cured tobacco.
Everyday Flavors- You can indulge your sweet tooth with tastes like Banana Cream or Hazelnut Heaven, or enjoy fruity flavors like Blueberry Hill and Concord Grape.
Special Blends- For the truly adventurous, you’ll find unforgettable tastes like Bavarian Waffle Custard, Fruit Rings, or Sinful Cereal.

If you’re new to vaping, we recommend ordering a few different small bottles from our online vape shop to try new tastes and find the ones you want. If you’ve got questions, or you want to start your vaping journey right, feel free to contact us anytime!

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