Many people are satisfied with things just the way they are. But some people want to take things to the next level. Maybe that’s you. Maybe a regular e-cigarette just doesn’t cut it, and you want more in a vape cigarette.

Advanced vaporizers, or mods, have been around for a long time. But they continue to evolve into devices that are more elaborate and offer greater functionality. There are such a wide variety of styles and configurations that, if we tried to list them all, we’d be here all day. Instead, our online vape shop offers a little bit of background information, then you’ll be armed with knowledge when you view our selection.

The original e-cigarettes that were introduced in 2007 sure looked a lot like a cigarette. Problem was, the original batteries weren’t anything to write home about. But soon, some clever individuals figured out that an e-cig could be powered efficiently in a number of different ways. The term “mods,” which was short for modifications, stuck.

There are two characteristics that define an advanced vaporizer, and that’s large battery capacity and replaceable internal batteries. There are two design styles, which are tube mods, originally conceived using flashlights or pipes, and box mods, which look like a square or rectangle. From these two styles have come an endless array of variations. They’re made out of multiple kinds of materials and have numerous functions.

In the e-cig world, things can sometimes get a little complicated. Remember, if you’re new, or you have questions, we’re always happy to help. In our experience, there’s only one stupid question, and that’s the one you didn’t ask.

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