If you use a vape cigarette, there are two components that need to be purchased regularly, e-liquid and replacement coils. There’s some confusion regarding when coils need to be changed, and that’s because there are several factors at play that determine how long it will last and when it should be swapped out.

The replacement coil, also known as an atomizer coil, is the part of your e-cig that heats up the e-liquid and transforms it into vapor. There are two kinds of replacement coils: single coil and dual coil. While dual coils have two heating elements that vaporize liquid simultaneously, single coils just have one.

So what causes coils to burn out? A few things. First, the acidity of the e-juice plays a part. The higher the acidity, the faster the coil burns out. Certain flavors have higher levels of acidity, such as cinnamon. Also, liquids that are higher in vegetable glycerin, or VG, will use up the coil faster. Since the VG is much thicker in consistency than propylene glycol, the wicking element inside the coil will deteriorate faster. Also, the amount you vape naturally plays a part.

Now, let’s take a moment and talk about tanks. Basically, it’s the reservoir for your e-liquids. Tanks are usually larger than cartridges so that the vaper doesn’t have to keep refilling e-liquid.

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