Replacement atomizer coils allow you to replace the coil head on your vape tank or clearomizer, making it function like a brand new vape cigarette. Replacement coils come in many variations including different ohms, coil settings and coil types that help you customize your vaping experience.

The atomizer coil is the component of your e-cig that heats up the liquid and turns it into the vapor you so enjoy. There are two general types of atomizer coils: single coil and dual coil. Single coil atomizers have one heating element while dual atomizers have, you guessed it, two heating elements.

There are three key components that make up atomizer heads: the wire coil, the wicking material and the casing. There is much to consider when determining the lifespan of an atomizer coil, but acidity level and PG/VG consistency plays a crucial role. Of course, the amount of time you vape and the volume of power you have running to your coil are also significant factors in lifespan.

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